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How to properly introduce yourself at a casting or job

When arriving at a casting, as a rule always ensure to arrive at least 10 - 15 minutes early. Arriving on time is the first and easiest step to a great first impression. Be aware of body language when walking into the casting - you want to portray confidence and positivity.

Castings are known to be extremely nerve-racking and intimidating, therefore, learning how to control and channel your nerves in a constructive way is a great advantage. Managing nerves however does take practice and will continue to develop throughout your career.

Don’t be too quiet! If you’re a model who stays silent for almost the whole duration of the casting or job, it shows the brand that you may not be confident enough for future work. Start conversing with the other models and the rest of the team. This helps make yourself memorable and will give out a positive vibe.

Be prepared to take direction in a casting from photographers, casting agents, and designers. Remember, brands are always looking for someone who is easy to work with first and foremost. Once the casting has concluded, be sure to let everyone involved know that you are thankful for the opportunity and their time. Remember to always leave the room with a smile no matter how the casting went!

Another tip; if at the end of the day the brand offers you any of the products to take home and keep, do it! This shows a willingness and openness to their products, as well as an interest in working with them again. Not accepting these gifts can be seen as you not liking their products and will decrease the chances of these brands working with you again.

Castings are held for clients to meet the models they are interested in booking for a runway show, event, or shoot.

Firstly, always ensure to have thoroughly read through the casting brief given. The brief will inform you of all the details you’ll need to arrive at the casting prepared and confident.

It is also important for models to have researched the brand they are being cast for. Studying the brands themes, style, past campaigns, and the look of past models they have used will certainly give you the upper hand. Models must wear form-fitting, simple, non- distracting clothing to castings e.g. skinny jeans, pants, t-shirt or tank top.

It is also best for models to refrain from wearing heavy makeup to castings. As clients are wanting to look at their features it is best to attend bare-faced or with very light day makeup.

Models are always required to bring their portfolio and comp cards to every casting. It is imperative to do so as casting agents will usually keep cards and images to use as a reference when selecting a model for the job. If models do not arrive with any images or cards, there will be no evidence of them attending the casting, therefore, they will have wasted their time as well as the clients time.

Once they enter the casting, they may be asked a few questions as well as have a few images taken of them. If the casting is for a runway show they may also ask for the model to complete a walk.

In this day and age, it’s all about sustainability and recycling what we use. Every industry around the world is slowly coming to peace with this idea that recycling is the way of the future. The fashion industry has been known to be the exception but now things are changing, the decision makers now feel that fashion should be sustainable too.

Grazia magazine was getting ready to put together its march issue it was all about sustainability and recycled clothing. It was the fashion editors vision to create a relaxed fun shoot with our cover star Janhvi Kapoor, a well know actresses in bollywood. She was perfect for this cover as it would reflect her easy going fun personality that not many have seen off screen. The idea was to create something organic, natural, effortless and undone proving to the readers that fashion can be still stylist without it being over the top and most importantly hurting the environment.

We shot at the beautiful resort called The Matchan in Lonavala just outside of Mumbai city. It was the most perfect spot for the shoot as it was tucked away between the hills, surrounded by nature and its tranquillity. The shoot was a lot of fun and we laughed non- stop through it. It was more of a few mates hanging out clicking some pictures kinda vibe and thats exactly the energy we wanted for the shoot.

I had already worked with Janhvi before for ELLE magazine so we where familier with each other so it made getting along all the more easier. Here is the final result ………

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