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Presentation & Grooming

Maintenance of your look as a model in the industry is another important element of modelling. As a model, you are representing yourself and therefore it is crucial to maintain a professional yet practical look at all times. 

Both female and male models must arrive at every set, show, or event with clean hair, skin, and nails, as well as being cleanly shaven. Models may also be asked to follow guidelines indicated on their booking sheet. These may include “no chipped nail polish, arriving on set with little to no makeup, or please arrive with light day makeup”. 

If you do have any questions in regards to your booking sheet and the instructions given, always be sure to contact your agent to enquire first. 

The way you come across and portray yourself towards others in terms of body language as a model is also vital. Please be sure to exert a positive and diligent attitude at all times as this will set a tone to the team that’s working with you once you arrive on set. 

Remember to constantly be aware of posture, facial expression and your tone of voice. Don’t forget that having a personal grooming routine will help with keeping yourself in check. Always be diligent when looking after yourself. 

For some, this is the most difficult technique to master. Really listening to what your photographer or director are saying is harder than you think. So don’t just hear them, but listen and digest. By focusing on what the brand has to say, it shows that you care about their needs and shows a genuine interest in the products. 

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