Introduction to Photoshoots

Models must be extremely aware of their angles, especially when it comes to the imagery they produce. It is always preferred to create elongated lines when shooting. This can be achieved by over crossing your limbs, exaggerating your movement, and lengthening your spine. 

Perfecting your craft will take time and practice. Spend time in front of the mirror trying different poses and angles. Get to know your body and its strengths and weaknesses. Models are usually shooting to showcase garments, accessories or products and are required to make any product look its best as well as display the features of a product in a single image. 

It is completely normal for many models to feel awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera. As explained previously, these feelings will slowly fade as you begin to gather more photoshoot experience, however, the last thing you want to do is produce stiff imagery. 

Always keep in mind to stay as loose as possible while shooting by continuously moving and having the camera capture these moments. 

Taking direction from photographers with ease while shooting is key. Always take on constructive criticism or corrections from the photographer and apply them to your work right away. Once again, studying the theme of the shoot or storyline behind the campaign will make all the difference. Harmony between the model and creatives on set will ultimately create the ideal final result. 

Using Format