Influencer Profile Tips

In order to become a social media influencer, we have crafted a ten-step strategy based on our experiences and observation of being an industry leader: 

1. Find your niche. Something you’re really interested in and you’re able to tell people something new, fresh and/or extraordinary. Be an expert here. 

2. Now pick two, three, or four (maximum) social media channels that you’ll cover. Are you good with videos or are you more written content-oriented? Think about the type of content you want and are able to create and publish. The type of content will also dictate what social channel you will be on. eg. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

3. Create a content strategy. What are your constant information priorities? Why will people be eager to follow you? It must have value. 

4. Once you have a plan for two or three months out, prepare it and start publishing! 

5. Do it constantly. Your content must attract people; make it considered and consistent. You know what message you want to pass along, so stick to it all the time, but also look for something new at the same time! 

6. Contact other people and brands in your industry. Talk, exchange likes, comments, maybe ideas? Be noted. 

7. Build your community. Invite new people. Go to forums, groups, fan pages, etc. linked to your industry. 

8. Promote yourself. We don’t mean bragging. The good content always defends itself; you just need to guide the audience to it. Share your content everywhere where it might seem interesting. 

9. Provide value. Always. 

10. Grow and draw attention to your work. Then to yourself as the author of it. Unless your plan is to become a celebrity, then you can forget all the previous points. Just stay and shine. 

People will start to listen to you and follow you. The more people that are with you, the stronger your position will get. 

Remember, the indicator showing how influential you are is not dictated by you. It is your community who decides when you’re an influencer. Respect it and nurture it. 

One last thing: For people who label themselves as influencers, someone once said: “When you say you are modest, you stop being.” In our opinion, the same applies here! 

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