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Industry Etiquette

The professionalism and etiquette of a model is vital to a long and successful career. Working on a set with a large group of people will occur often for a model so being easy to work with, efficient, and respectful are key. 

One of the most important practices as a model is to arrive on time and be prepared. Arriving to shoots at least 10 -15 minutes early will always give you ample room for error. A tip for new models; putting yourself in the brands shoes and realise that their photographer, hair and makeup, stylist, and marketing team are all being paid, too, so coming late can often mean the difference to whether a brand will work with you again, even if the shoot went well. Don’t waste their time and money. 

When working with creatives on set, always be ready to give your all in front of the camera and be sure to follow instructions from the photographer. Hair and makeup won’t always align with your personal style, however, please remember to have trust in the team you are working with as they have a specific look they are required to achieve. 

That being said, models must always feel free to stand up for themselves in situations they feel uncomfortable with. 

There are certain ways to respond to such circumstances. For one, always contact your agent first. Your agents first priority is the safety and wellbeing of their models. 

Once a situation is brought to their attention, they should respond right away to resolve the problem. Secondly and most importantly, responding to such a circumstance with authority and sensibility is of the upmost importance. Remaining calm and if need be removing yourself from the situation is most likely your best option in the event of a complication. 

There are also industry blacklists that exist publicly and privately. These lists contain the names and contact details of any models, photographers, and other people in the industry who have showcased and given bad experiences to other people. 

Keeping up your professionalism will keep you out of these blacklists. 

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