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Content Generation & Boosting Engagement

The biggest failure to Influencer success is a result of not uploading high-quality content in your specific niches. 

High-quality content is: 

  • Sharp and clear - the image is not blurry, dark, or hard to understand
  • It’s emotional - it reaches out to your audience and resonates with their struggles, wins and lifestyle. 

You can do every other strategy in this guide perfectly. But if your content lacks in quality, your followers, engagement, and business opportunities will not grow. 

So how do you create amazing content?

Create the content yourself, collaborate with a photographer, or pay someone. 

There is no trick to it other than hard work and giving a damn! 

Want to take great pictures? Buy a camera, pay a photographer, take photography lessons, build a homemade studio, learn to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop or photo editing apps, follow and copy top photographers, analyse their images, practice and then practice some more. 

Brands look for Influencers who can also create great content. 

There’s no magic pill here.

Feed branding:

Here’s where things get tricky!

If you want to succeed on Instagram, you need to brand your feed’s content. 

Your feed is the front cover of your content style. It should look like a professional popular blog or magazine with you in it! 

Your Instagram feed should have consistency so everything looks as if it was part of a brand… Your personal brand! 

Think of it this way: 

You wouldn’t go blogging about motorbikes on a blog that is about gardening. Or change a brand logo’s colour each time you use it. 

The same applies on Instagram! Don’t upload a picture of a car, then a cute dog, then some sweet ice cream you just ate, and then a video of a worker at your office doing a handstand on your bosses desk whilst blasting backstreet boys in the background, then a product, then you playing golf…you get the idea. 

Hopefully… A brand will look for Influencers who align with their own marketing goals. 

Don’t use a different filter/editing style on each image. 

Instead, edit each photo using the same filter/editing style and only upload pictures related to your niche. 

Here is a recap of the golden rules to keeping a consistent personal brand feed: 

1. Edit each photo with the same settings (use a template) and then adjust to fit the individual photo. 

2. Keep the subject matter the same and relative to your niche, for example, If you want to work with more bikini brands, then post more photos of yourself in a bikini! 

Reward your followers:

Instagram considers the engagement your post receives from the moment you press share. This
is how many direct message shares, likes and comments your post gets.

Posts which get a lot of likes, comments and shares within the first hour of its upload will get
chosen by Instagram’s algorithm as popular.

The algorithm will then promote this type of content because it thinks others will also like it. So
it starts placing it on the explore page and in the top posts section for any hashtags you use.

The result is awesome, as it drives free organic traffic to your profile, resulting in more
engagement and new followers.

To help speed up and boost your engagement when you press that share button, do these
following steps 15 minutes before and after uploading:

  • Like and comment on others pictures and videos which were recently uploaded 
  • When you do an upload, make sure to like and reply to any comments you get. 

Don’t just use one or two-word replies. Use some effort! 

Instagram wants you to be part of the community, not to upload and close the app. 

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